We are all different and can learn to celebrate our differences, but sometimes life feels like we are moving three steps forward and two steps back. This is where we can help you as needed. In the initial meeting, the counsellor will listen carefully to your concerns and assist in identifying the main issues, together we can draw up a plan for action. You will be encouraged to express your thoughts and feelings in an environment that is confidential, non-judgemental and professional.  Counselling often engages in the area between what we know and are comfortable with; and that which we are less aware of and less comfortable with. This often is the area of greatest potential for personal development. Counselling may involve changing one's behaviour and/or perspective and/or finding constructive ways to dealing with a situation that is presently beyond personal control.


  • Suicide Intervention

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Isolation

  • Relationships

  • Self Esteem

  • Trauma

  • Teenagers, Singles, Couples and Families

  • We all need someone to lean on at different times in our life.


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Many years ago I was in a position of trust, and was expected to have the answers and did not have them. I felt inadequate. At crossroads, I decided to take the path I believed would help me empower others. I knew then I had to give some focus and direction to my life. I completed a Licentiate in Marriage & Family Counselling, followed by 7 yrs as a phone counsellor at Lifeline. When my family went through its own crisis I was able to help us all recover and this lighted a passion in me to support others when they deal with the pressures of life that often blind side them. Not all wounds are visible, sometimes we need someone to help us know that “this too shall pass.” - Cathy Kunzel


Suicide Intervention Counsellor
Are you at risk?  Are you concerned for someone?
For immediate assistance call Lifeline. 131114 


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